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The Allen Concrete Mixers & Plaster-Mortar Mixers are designed and manufactured with the quality and high standards as the rest of the Allen line-up. Now you can count on Allen for your Mixing needs. Additionally, Allen offers the best placing accessories in the business. Whether you and your crew are in-need of buggies, vibrators, roller tube finishers, or screeds the Allen team has you covered.

Allen Engineering has all the tools for you to get the job done, from hand tools to our sprayers and saws. Allen engineering also has Walk-Behind Trowels and Riding Trowels designed to satisfy the most demanding concrete contractors.

Allen Work Bridges can be customized for every application, Work bridges are ideal for joint work, applying curing compounds, bull-floating, applying textures or whenever bridging is required and our Pavers are designed to paving large jobs fast and, accurately and efficiently so you can be assured of producing the flattest paving job possible.