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Allen Concrete College (ACC) combines a classroom seminar and hands-on training in concrete placing and finishing techniques to produce high f-number floors. ACC is a great opportunity for Allen Dealers and contractors to learn how to increase the flatness and levelness of floors, the basics of concrete flooring mix design and the F-Number System.

Experience hands-on training in the placing and finishing of a high tolerance concrete floor.

You will learn how to properly:

  • Use site prep equipment
  • Use a variety of placing equipment
  • Use vibrations and proper strike-off techniques to place concrete
  • Set the Truss Screed
  • Check the Forms for Levelness
  • Slump the Concrete for Compliance with Mix Design
  • Place the Concrete
  • Screed the Floor with a Truss Screed
  • Pan the Concrete with Ride-On Trowels
  • Finish the Concrete with Ride-On Trowels
  • Check the Floor for Flatness and Levelness with an F Meter

All Attendees come together to place and finish their own 20’ x 40’ slab using the techniques discussed in class. See what it takes to achieve an FF 75+, or try to surpass our flattest Allen Concrete College Floor to date (FF 113)

The ACC is held at Allen Engineering Corp. headquarters in Paragould, Arkansas USA. Attendees are responsible for their own lodging and travel expenses, but AEC has special event rates and a block of rooms at the Paragould Hampton Inn (870.565.1010).