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Choosing the Right Riding Trowel

Scoring Guide
1 SOG 0-25% = 1    26-40% = 2    41-50% = 3    51-75% = 4    76-100% = 5    
2 A=1   B=2   C=3   D=4   E=5   F=6
3 A=1   B=2   C=3   D=4   E=5   F=6   G=7
4 A=1   B=3   C=5
5 A=4   B=3   C=2   D=1
6 A=1   B=3   C=6
7 A=1   B=2   C=3   D=4   E=5   F=6
8 A=1   B=2   C=3   D=4
9 A=4   B=3   C=2   D=1
10 A=1   B=2   C=3   D=4
11 A=1   B=2   C=3   D=4   E=5

Determine the rider or riders that are best for you. Simply apply the numeric values listed in the Scoring Key to the type of concrete finishing you're doing, and you'll not only pick the best riding trowel for your workload, you'll also be picking the best riding trowel made.

MSP Riding Trowel by Allen Engineering

HD & HDX Series

Hydra-Drive Series all-hydraulic riders are the largest, most powerful, and most reliable available.

MSP Series

Mechanical-drive Super Pro Series riders are available in either hydraulic power or manual lever steering, with both diesel and gasoline engine options.

MP Series

Mechanical-drive Pro Series riders deliver value and versatility with manual lever steering and range of gasoline engine options.