Product Spotlight: AMMS9H8 Spiral Mortar Mixer

June 9, 2016 // Published in Newsletters
Product Spotlight: AMMS9H8 Spiral Mortar Mixer

The 9.5 cubic foot AMMS9H8 Spiral Mortar Mixer was designed to help increase mixing speed, reduce wear on the machine and to reduce maintenance needs.

The mixer is equipped with inner and outer spiral blades that work like two augers to provide mixing on both the inside and outside radius. This moves more material than traditional systems and provides increased air entrainment.

Spiral Mixer Benefits:

  • 30% Faster Mix
  • Less Splash - Reduces Cleanup and Increases Capacity
  • No Contact with the Drum - Reduces Drum Wear
  • No Rubber Blades – Reduces Maintenance
  • Perfect for Color Additives and Dry Mixes
  • Small Rocks can be added into the Mix
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