Jobsite Story // ABQ Apron Paving Project

October 16, 2017 // Published in Newsletters
ABQ Apron Paving Project

Allen Bridge Deck Finishers or transverse roller tube pavers have become a more viable option for concrete paving contractors due to the machines’ ability to consolidate, screed & finish various types of concrete pavement projects.

Vital Consulting Group, LLC was awarded the Albuquerque Airport Project. For their scope of work, they consulted with Allen Engineering and it was decided the Allen 6036B BDF was not only the best machine for this project, but the versatility of the 6036B BDF would also meet the needs of future jobs for Vital Consulting. They had additional projects scheduled that required the use of a bridge deck finisher and Mark Conte (Allen Paving Products Sales Director), had conversations with the project management team and the paver was to be used at the conclusion of the airport project for use paving various bridge decks.

The project scope included the areas for planes to travel from the runway to the terminals. These areas were cast-in-place with forms set for grade and elevation with the machine used to pave these lanes. For the filler lanes, the machine road atop pipe rail to follow the elevation of the existing concrete. Vital was able to spread, consolidate, screed & finish the concrete in one pass to achieve a light broom finish with a burlap drag on the Allen 6036B BDF. This productivity allowed Vital Consulting to complete each pour efficiently and on time.

AEC is glad to meet the needs of contractors across the country using our industry leading paving products.

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