The HD7070 provides for uniform distribution over the entire blade length and enhances concrete compaction. Regardless of the concrete slump and the size of the aggregates used in the concrete mix, the Magic Screed® vibrating blade allows you to produce consistently high-quality floors.

Blade Weight Blade Widths
6 lb / 3 kg
4 ft / 1.21m
10 lb / 4 kg
6 ft / 1.83m
13 lb / 6 kg
8 ft / 2.44m
16 lb / 7 kg
10 ft / 3.05m
20 lb / 9 kg
12 ft / 3.66m
23 lb / 11 kg
14 ft / 4.27m
27 lb / 12 kg
16 ft / 4.88m

 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Honda GX35 / 35 cc
1.5 hp / 1.1 kW
30 lbs / 13.6 kg
7,500 rpm
Up to 6" / 15.24 cm
Ergonomically designed grips and 360º adjustable handles
Kick stand
Anti-vibrating system to focus vibration on the blade, not the handle
Quick change screed blade
Carrying bar
Smooth operating throttle

Equipment Videos

Magic Screed
03:11 Min

This video gives out of the box instructions on how to assemble a Magic Screed ®


My new Magic Screed® engine is smoking and NOT running properly

The engine is too full of oil. Lay the machine flat to check and install oil.

Magic Screed® blade is cracking

1. Check to make sure the plastic blade spacers are installed between the blade and the unit.

2. Check for loose bolts.

Magic Screed® is not vibrating

1. Make sure the engine is seated to the radius on the cone housing.

2. Check drive axle is not broken.

3. Check lower unit is turning freely and then change the shaft assembly.

What size of blades can I get for my Magic Screed?

4ft to 16 ft, in 2 ft intervals

When I order Vibro Mounts, do they come in 1 or 2 quantity?

They come as 1 per.

My hand grips are missing. Can I replace these?

Yes, please order 20012 qty 2 for complete machine.

Can I order the throttle cable and handle as an assembly?

Yes, the part number is DA4050.

The rubber cover on the bottom of my unit is missing. Should I replace this?

Yes, this keeps moisture and debris away from the counter weight. Please order 10009-2 cover and 20040 tie rap.