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The largest of the TRTP's that Allen manufactures, the 275 comes equipped with a gang vibration system to consolidate the concrete to meet any roadway or airport project specification. This workhorse comes equipped with a high-powered 74hp Hatz diesel engine and an operator console in the frame of the machine for visibility and safety purposes. 

The 255 is a beast of a machine with a 47hp Hatz diesel engine. Easy operator controls are located on the end of the frame to allow the operator the ability to view the roadway ahead, and behind the machine, to make sure the final grade and finish meet the required specs.

The 150 allows contractors the ability to get the job done at an economical price without sacrificing quality. This unit also has optional front and rear access platforms to allow the contractor the ability to vibrate from the front or finish from the back, during the paving process.

The lightest weight and least expensive machine in the TRTP product group, the 75 enables contractors to use a machine that handles small paving pours that would otherwise be too heavy for a truss screed. This unit is a nice addition to the Triple Tube Paver Group with some of the features and functions of the larger size machines.

The new 265 is the perfect combination of both the 275 and 255 TRTP models. A vibration rack similar to the 275 is included with this machine. The operator console and controls have been moved to the end of the frame for a lightweight paver option without compromising the strength and performance. 

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